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    ASPAN Solutions Ltd
    Providing high quality products
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    Who are we?

    We are a small Chelmsford based company providing a one stop solution for all your ICT needs.  We cover all aspects of computing, communication and the internet.  Our staff have extensive experience in the ICT industry.

    As a company we are specialists in Cloud, Anything as a Service (XaaS), Virtualisation & VoIP Communication systems. We provide the full range of hosting, web development, database & software development solutions.

    Our aim is to provide quality equipment and software at competitive pricing equipping companies to grow and develop with stable and service enhancing computer and telecommunication systems, and providing them with a competitive edge over their competitors.

  • Products / Solutions
    Business Products and Solutions

    Products / Solutions

    • Cloud Computing
    • Servers & Storage
    • Workstations
    • Portable Devices
    • Networking & Security
    • Telephony
    • CCTV & Audio/Visual
    • Point of Sale, and much more...

    Cloud & Virtualization

    We are experienced and equiped in all aspects of cloud and virtualization technologies, allowing us to be best placed for helping you negotiate the changes which can help your company reduce costs and increase efficiency. All businesses can benefit from the cost savings offered by cloud and virtualisation technologies.

    Telephony, CCTV & More

    Today all aspects of your systems including Telephony, CCTV, Point of Sale and much more are all integrated with your ccentral network and computer systems, allowing you to do more than ever before. We have a wide range of solutions which will allow your company to do everything it can imagine, allowing you to concentrate on what makes your company great.

  • General Services
    General Services

    General Services

    • Computer & Server repairs
    • Disaster Recovery Services
    • Design Services
    • Printing Services

    System Repairs

    We provide the full range of troubleshooting system analysis providing software, anti-virus and hardware repair services for all your devices from portables through to your server system. Our support staff are specialised in all operating systems and server solutions, ensuring fast resolution to any problem you are facing..

    Design & Printing Services

    Our designers are able to provide your company with a wide range of graphic design services and advertisement printing solutions. Everything from a new logo to printing high quality brochures, posters/flyers, banners, drinks mats & novelties.

  • Development Services

    Development Services

    • Website Design
    • eCommerce Development
    • Database Development
    • Software Development
    • Solutions/Product Development

    Website Development

    ASPAN Solutions Ltd offer the full range of website development services providing everything from a basic website through to a complex ecommerce solution. Our staff are skilled in obtaining top search engine positions and ensuring your website advertises your company rather than the other way around.

    Database & Software Development

    Our development staff are are able to provide your company with custom solutions for your database and software application needs allowing your company to operate the way it wants to.

  • Hosting Services

    Hosting Services

    • Server & Virtual Server Hosting
    • Web Hosting
    • eMail Hosting
    • Application Hosting
    • Public Cloud Solutions
    • Private Cloud Solutions
    • Virtualization Network Solutions

    Cloud & Virtualization Hosting

    Whether you are wishing to use a public cloud or have your own private cloud our staff have the skills and knowledge to design your new infrustructure and migrate your current system with minimal downtime and increased system reliability.

    Website & Mail Hosting

    ASPAN Solutions Ltd provide the full range of website, eCommerce, email and application hosting solutions for your business. Each solution is tailored to our clients requirements.

  • Data Recovery
    Data Recovery

    Data Recovery for:

    Windows, Apple OSX and Linux
    All makes and models
    • Internal Hard Disk Drives
    • External Hard Disk Drives
    • RAID, SAN & NAS
    • Flash Media
    • Optical Media
    • Magenetic Media

    Standard Solution

    ASPAN Solutions Ltd offer the full range of data recovery services. We provide a FREE, no obligation, basic analysis of all media from which we provide you with a quotation. We treat all clients data as private and confidential and aim at all times to meet the highest levels or data protection.

    Clean Room Solution

    We partner with the countries best clean room engineers to provide competative and effect data recovery where damage to media is so significant it cannot be carried out within our standard service. Any clean room work will not void any warranties on products allowing you to have the devices repaired or replaced by manufacturers.

News Updates:

This Website is currently still under construction.  Please email for more information on products or services.

Byte Documentation Solutions Partnership
ASPAN Solutions sign up for a partnership with Byte Documentation Solutions to provide a range of managed printing solutions for clients.  The solutions help reduce client costs in staff labour, printer downtime, and cost per print.  Both companies are Xerox Partners and together we provide the full range of Xerox printers and printing solutions.

Intel Gold Partnership
We have upgraded our partnership with Intel to Gold status which helps us provide a better level of support for our clients.  This climb in status is due to our staff meeting the training requirements of Intel in all three key areas of Technical, Sales to Business and Sales to Consumers.  We believe that this better equips us for our clients at key points such as pre-sales, sales and after sales support.

Lenovo Business Partner
As a Lenovo Business Partner we are able to provide access to Lenovo Financial Services to our clients which helps provide asset finance of key system investments.  Additionally we can provide regular and updated content on our site of the latest Lenovo products in the Lenovo Showcase.  In addition to providing high level warranty support from Lenovo, we are also equipped to repair and replace any component in a Lenovo device when the product is outside of warranty.

Parts Site
ASPAN Solutions Ltd launches parts site for spare parts and second hand parts for a range of computers.  If you are looking for specific parts which are often hard to locate this may be a solution for you.  Spare Parts

Solfa XG³-732 Launch
ASPAN Solutions Launches the Solfa XG³-732 Extreme Gamer PC, Oct 2012

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IP Cortex

Full telephony management systems for VoIP, ISDN Phone Lines or both.


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