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Magnetic Media Data Recovery

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ASPAN Solutions Ltd provides data recovery services for magnetic media.

Magnetic Media catered for:

  • Floppy Disks
  • LS120 / Super Floppy Disks
  • Jaz/Zip
  • SyQuest
  • Plus all older or newly released products not listed.

For Tape/DLT please see Tape/DLT Disk Data Recovery.
For Magnetic Optical please see Hard Disk Data Recovery.

Magnetic Manufacturers and Models Catered for:

  • Iomega
  • TDK
  • Sony
  • SyQuest
  • Plus all manufacturers and/or models (older or newer) not listed.

Operating Systems catered for:
We provide data recovery for all the main operating systems:

  • Windows Workstations
    • 95/98, Me, XP, Vista, 7 & 8
  • Windows Server
    • 2000, 2003 & 2008
  • Apple MAC OS Computers
    • OSX & OS6
  • Linux Workstations & Servers
    • Red Hat, Ubuntu and other leading versions
  • Virtual PCs & Servers

Magnetic Data Recovery Category 1 - Standard Recovery
During the basic analysis drives are categorised depending on the work needed to remove the data. This category caters data recovery for problems such as:

  • File Deletion
  • Media Reformatting
  • Operating System Corruption
  • Media Format Corruption

90% of all data recovery jobs are dealt with in this section.

Magnetic Data Recovery Category 2 - Advanced Recovery for Mechanical Failures
This category requires an advanced analysis to determine if the data can be retrieved involving proprietary methods using specialist equipment and specialist dust free environments, which incurs a charge.  7.5% of all data recovery jobs are dealt with in this section.  This caters for problems such as:

  • High urgency work
  • Top Security Requirements
  • All non-MS O/S Recoveries
  • Basic hardware failures for media with valid warranties
  • Mechanical Failures

Due to the specialist nature of the work involved and/or to ensure no warranties are affected we hand this work over to our partner company Ontrack, who are probably the best data recovery company in the world.  By definition this is a more costly solution provided by the best trained specialists.

How do I proceed?

  • Contact us on 0786 612 9728, email or complete our enquiry form.
  • A Data Recovery Service Representative gathers information and assesses your situation.
  • You package and send the media to us, or we arrange a courier to collect the media.
  • After receiving the media, our Data Recovery Engineers perform the FREE basic analysis to provide you with details of which category the media is listed in and the cost or range of costs involved.
  • Our Data Recovery Engineers temporarily overcome the problems in order to access the data and perform the recovery.
  • Your recovered data is backed up to suitable media: CD, DVD, Hard Drive or FTP Download.
  • Your original media and recovered data is sent back to you for restoration.

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All Brands:


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